Welcome to Sir Percival restaurant Sturovo

Salute to you my valuable wayfarer! No doubt you have made a long journey to come visit our humble abode, where we welcome you to dine by our traditional mores and manners.

Sir Percival restaurant   Sir Percival restaurant
In the time of King Arthur, Sir Percival passed trought this land and left a legacy that would continue for generations. In the year of our Lord 1278, when valiant knights gathered around round table, Sir Percival returned from a visit to Persia ( Persi-Var in Persian means,hands of Persia) and met a beautiful young maiden named Blanchefleur ( locally Blanche), who enchanted him forever.

Sir Percival restaurant   Sir Percival restaurant
Sir Percival admired not only her beauty, but also her exquisite cooking. Her secret recipies, lost for centuries, we now re-create to bring to your table, my lord, in order to return you to as it was in twelvemounth, 1278. Feel yourself here blissful and let yourself be served by our servants...