Restaurant menu card
1. Greasy greaves (80gr)
I roast the sow`s lard, than I crush the greaves into a creme and I serve it to You with red onion in a flat pile. (greaves creme )

3,00 €

2. The very best of my pantry (200gr)
I get smoky ham, sausage, I cut them into slices and I serve it to You with ancient cheese and with treasures of the garden. (ham, sausage, bacon, 2 types of cheese)
4,30 €
Food juices - Soups
3. Hen-power juice - Chicken soup (0,33l)
I cook the best of my poultry with carrots, and I spill it into your plate with homemade dough.
2,00 €
4. Juice that annoyes all women- Bean soup (0,33l)
I buff my freshly picked off bean and enrich it with sow meat.
2,00 €
5. Sow juice - Pork soup (0,33l)
I get it from pork meat from vat cabbage, with mushroom mildly acidulated.
2,00 €
6. Old fisherman`s "daily" (Fishsoup Halászlév )    (0,33l)
Juice of carp chased into the fishnet at dawn.
4,50 €
7. Catch of fishermen (Fishsoup Halászlév ) (0,33l)
Juice of catfish chased into the fishnet at dawn.
6,00 €
8. Onion juice in loaf (0,33l)
In loaf with milk cream weaved in basil I serve it to You my good Lord.
3,50 €
Chirpings - Poultry dishes
9. Crispy wings (500gr)
I cut off the hen wings with lust, make them crispy, fool it with garlic, crown it with bacon.
6,80 €
10. Fried stompings (500gr)
I toast the hen legs, I serve them golden-brown with garlic.
7,00 €
11. Fried chicken bosom (200gr)
I put the bosom into a delicious coat and put it in front of You goldenroded.
5,00 €
12. Turkey trouble (200gr)
I fill my turkey`s breast with goose liver stolen from my neighbour, bath it in breadcrumbs, so consume it in secret my good Lord.
6,50 €
13. Hungry knight`s dream (400gr)
I channel my duck into the furnace, make it crispy, serve it to You with apples my hungry Knight.
8,00 €
14. From the saddle (200gr)
I roast my hen`s bosom flat, serve it with a dipping made from ancient cheese, matured in the cellar.
6,70 €
15. Sweetie`s "daily" (200gr)
I mix my chicken`s breast with spicy ratatouille and I serve it like that to you my good Lord.
6,80 €
Sows- Pork dishes
16. Sir Gordon (200gr)
I fill the sow`s chop with ham, cheese, prunes, put it into fine coat and thats how I send it in front of you Lordship.
6,00 €
17. 17. King Arthur`s meal
I roast the sow`s knuckle with tasty apple, onion and other goodies crispy, serve it to you in a royal way my Lord.
0,20 €/100g
18. Faggot bowl (200gr)
The very best of meat cut up into slices with potatoe, bacon and mixed with onion for your pleasure.
7,50 €
19. Sir Lamoret`s meal (200gr)
I quilt the pork meat with garlic and roast it together, dress it up into a white coat, serve it to you with a saint white bread my Lord.
7,50 €
20. Fried pork chop (200gr)
I tender my sow`s meat flat, serve it in a fine coat for You my Lord.
5,00 €
21. Feast of a hardworking peasant (250gr)
This juicy sow meat garnished with pasta was eaten by the peasant.
6,50 €
22. Shepherds favourite (250gr)
The sheep cheese I break, smash, salten and turn into cottage cheese, crown it with smoked lard, serve it in a wooden bowl for you my Lord.
4,50 €
23. Coat Claudíne (200gr)
I turn my pork cutlets into beer coat, toast them till they are golden-brown, scatter with cheese, thats how I spoil your hungry belly my good Lord.
5,50 €
Full of bull
24. Kings meal (300gr)
I cut a so thick meat slice of the very best of my beef for you my Lord, that my grandchild`s grandchild will still call it double steak.
16,00 €
25. Sir Persival`s meal (200gr)
My hungry Master wishes a steak with bacon, I roast it red, cuddle it with tasty spices, make it chivalrous- thats where its hidden courage is.
14,00 €
Wild things
26. Sir Brian`s meal (200gr)
I serve the venison meat with game dipping and with saint white bread.
8,00 €
27. Sir Sipi`s meal (200gr)
I cut the wild boar meat into slices, cook it till it is juicy with forest herbs, red wine, mushroom and serve it with saint white bread my Lord.
8,70 €
28. Maci`s goodness
I rub the fried trout roasted on iron sheet with butter, lay it on vegetable bed - Thats how I please you.
0,40 €/100g
29. Moustage king (250gr)
I cook my catfish with paprika till it is juicy, and send it in front of you with homemade pasta, dill and cottage cheese my Lord.
7,50 €
Cow`s milk cheese
30. Sir Zsoci Boci (150gr)
I fill my cheese matured in the cellar with ham and send it in front of You fried and covered with breadcrumbs.
4,50 €
31. Sir Camamber (125gr)
I serve my overmatured ancient cheese fried, sprinkle it with blueberry sauce of the forest.
5,70 €
32. Hungry knights wooden dish for two
Crispy wings, Fried poultry, Fried sow meat, Sir Zsoci Boci-cheese, Skiny nuggets, Golden straw.
25,00 €
33. Hungry knights wooden dish for four
Crispy wings, Fried stompings, Fried sow meat, Hungry knight`s dream, King Arthur`s meal, Sir Gordon, Golden straw, White berries.
44,60 €
34. Wooden dish for half-dozen hungry knights
Hungry knight`s dream, King Arthur`s meal, Sir Gordon, Fried stompings, Maci`s goodness , Fried sow meat, Sir Zsoci Boci, Sir Camamber, Skiny nuggets, White berries.
59,00 €
35. Skiny nuggets (200gr)1,70 €
36. Golden straw (French fry) (200gr)1,70 €
37. White berries (Rise) (200gr)1,70 €
38. Nuggets with green grass (200gr)1,70 €
39. Saint white bread (200gr)1,30 €
40. Flat pile   (1 slice)0,30 €
41. Treasures of garden (200gr)1,70 €
42. Dumpling (200gr)1,70 €
43. Coleslaw (50gr)1,50 €
44. Cucumber salad with sour cream and garlic (50gr)1,90 €
45. Caesar salad (200gr)4,30 €
46. Pickles mix
(paprika stuffed with cabbage, spicy pepper (50gr)
1,50 €
47. Poppy seed nuggets (200gr)3,00 €
48. Flat pie (3 piece) 3,00 €
49. Vitamin cavalcade (100gr)3,00 €
50. Ketchup (50gr)1,00 €
51. Tartar sauce (50gr)1,00 €
52. Mustard (50gr)1,00 €
53. Horseradish (50gr)1,00 €
Weight of food in its raw state.
The food preparation time approx. 30 min.
Sir Percival